10 Seconds of Thanks Assignment — Reining

ok…here goes:


family, friends, comfortable shoes, bed, good food, headache medicine, headphones, pens that don’t skip


not a bad list…


Bonus:  draw a picture of you to complete your list:

<:-)  my hair is sticking out….. lol


I did the 10 Seconds of Thanks assignment because I thought that it would be pretty easy to do…it was until I had to start copying and pasting all of the website information and the links and stuff on my chrome book…I really need to learn how to use this thing..the tricks like copying and pasting simple things…those are the things that drive me crazy…I know how to do them on regular computers but they don’t work on simple new technological advancements! 😦 aaarrrrggghhhh  oh welll…I will figure out how to do them but when I have more time…. 🙂


I liked the ds106 site because it is very useful for lots and lots of information and for creating links between websites.


Ten Second Thank You Challenge

My Ten Second Thank You

My Ten Second Thank You

I chose to complete the 10 Seconds of Thanks Challenge.

 The   Assignment Directions specify that I set a timer for ten seconds and write a list of everything I am thankful for.   I reset the timer for another ten seconds and drew a sketch of myself (see the above image).

Note:  I believe at least twenty seconds would make this a more fruitful endeavor.

What People Think I Do

I chose to do the What People Think I Do assignment because most of the people in my life, aside from my fellow co-workers, are not teachers. Day-to-day, I don’t feel like I am changing the world, but at the end of the week, semester, or year, I realize I make more of an impact on students than I initially thought.

Choosing the last picture was difficult because I feel like there’s so much to teaching and being a teacher, and that can’t be summed up in one picture. I settled on the last picture because we often forget that our students really run the class and the classroom (shhh… don’t tell them. They still haven’t figured it out). Sometimes this makes for a very exhausted teacher, but most times, we realize it’s better for the world if we facilitate learning rather than dictate it.





Gravy Time

In this day and age of technology, the art of making gravy seems to have been lost. The time has come when the grocery store has gravy in jars upon the shelves. It takes far less effort and money to simply make it in a pan at home than most people realize. No special tools or materials required.
Gravy time
One pat of butter,
Whisk with flour in a pan
Stir in broth, gravy’s done

Pinteresting Character – GoT Edition

For this assignment, I chose to create a Pinterest board for Game of Thrones character Cersei Lannister. The ds106 assignment suggests posting pins of interest for the character and having others guess the character’s identity, but I wanted to caption the actual pictures that I pinned. The juxtaposition of Cersei’s power-hungry character against polite Pinterest comments was especially funny to me. Something that I tried to get away from was just pinning pictures of the cast of the television shows, but I wasn’t able to avoid it completely. So, when I would find pictures of the cast, I made a board called “family pictures” to make this site more authentic.



Screenshot (1)Screenshot (3)

Screenshot (2)


Here  is the link to the assignment.



Common Everyday Object



I chose my Mason Jar because it’s a Common Everyday Object to me – capitalization intentional. I also chose this project because Dr. Rish implied that this project might not make the cut for Dr. Crovitz. I’m not sure about the purple wall, or even the green table, but I’m very happy with the pink tones in the water. I feel positively Van Goghian!!