10 Seconds of Thanks Assignment — Reining

ok…here goes:


family, friends, comfortable shoes, bed, good food, headache medicine, headphones, pens that don’t skip


not a bad list…


Bonus:  draw a picture of you to complete your list:

<:-)  my hair is sticking out….. lol


I did the 10 Seconds of Thanks assignment because I thought that it would be pretty easy to do…it was until I had to start copying and pasting all of the website information and the links and stuff on my chrome book…I really need to learn how to use this thing..the tricks like copying and pasting simple things…those are the things that drive me crazy…I know how to do them on regular computers but they don’t work on simple new technological advancements! 😦 aaarrrrggghhhh  oh welll…I will figure out how to do them but when I have more time…. 🙂


I liked the ds106 site because it is very useful for lots and lots of information and for creating links between websites.


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