I’d rather hear a dog bark too…

shakespeare cat


This is not the ds106 assignment that I really wanted to do; however, the first one that I did, I did the wrong way.  Because I was running out of time, I went w/ the Shakespeare LOLcat.  People seem to like cats…I am not a big fan though.  But I do like dogs, and I remembered this line from Beatrice in the play Much Ado About Nothing, which mentions dogs, so I went with it.  If I could go back and do this assignment again, I’d do the Album cover.  That was pretty cool…I started it, but we started to move on, so here is my LOLcat.

Assignment link: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/shakespearean-lolcat/


2 thoughts on “I’d rather hear a dog bark too…

  1. Didn’t make it over to the ds106 site. You may have added the tags after you posted it. You can manually add it to the ds106 site. Look for “add your example directly” on the assignment page. Then, be sure to link to your individual blog post and not the entire class blog.

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