Digital Identity Nancy Tompkins


I use social media very little. In fact I am almost impossible to get a hold of outside of school. I look at Facebook about 3-4 times a year and I haven’t made an update in probably 5 years. To be honest the appeal of social networking wore off quickly in high school and now I just find it to be a waste of time. When you Google my name you won’t find me, period. Personally I like this but it could be a liability if I needed to be found. I don’t have a twitter(other than for this class that I made and logged into a grand total of once). I am not a education major so not being able to find me isn’t bad or good, I guess it just depends on how you look at it.



In my opinion it is an asset that I can’t be found. I like that I’m not constantly paranoid about what someone might find if they look me up. I know a few people who have way to much online and have suffered for it. It’s also a bit of an asset that I don’t need to be attached to socail media to function. I could leave it all for weeks at a time and be totally fine. I think by not having all these extra accounts I am able to be present and participate in life. It makes me less stressed and calmer.

My Facebook is extremely locked down. You can’t find me no matter how hard you look. Interestingly I deleted my FB account 3 years ago and found out the FB does not get rid of your page. So I found myself online but had lost access to my account. It was a pain to get it all back but it taught me an important lesson. Once its online its never gone.

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