Class Blog Post #10: Digital Teacher Identity

Liabilities: Though I am not a teaching major, digital identity is still relevant to me when I want to consider a professional career or job in the future. I love social media, even though I am not always the best at it. I use it on daily basis probably 2-3 a day. Facebook, Instagram, and applications like SnapChat are my secret addictions. My Facebook account and Instagram account contain personal pictures with friends and family.

Assets: Before being hired, I would definitely remove my Facebook account. I could use my Twitter account after cleaning or “tweaking” it up a little bit to ask questions to future colleagues over the internet. I would never use Instagram for professional reasons because I don’t find it necessary or useful. Ironically, I don’t like when people know my business 24/7 or where I am at or who I am hanging out with, but Facebook keeps me connected with family members from Greece. 

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