Bourne’s Digital Identity


When my partner googled my name nothing really came up. The only thing i found was pictures of me through google docs. They weren’t bad at all because I use them for my D2L page. Im really careful when it comes to social media and hiding my things. I guess seeing my google pictures made me think about my google account and how i should go look on my page and make sure all my pictures are okay. I always try and monitor everything that i do and knowing that i want to be a teacher makes me monitor it more.


I already made a teacher twitter account so that i could talk to past teachers. With my twitter account right now i dont think i want other teacher to look at it, not because anythings bad but because something that my friends might tweet. I just need to go and look through mine and make sure everything is ok. I plan on having a teacher facebook to that i can communicate with my students. This can keep me in contact with them even after they graduate. Some of my teachers do this and i think its a great idea. Another asses i have is my mom. That might sound weird but she is one of Georgia’s top realtors and when you type in bourne her name pops up everywhere. She even has pictures of me and her as well as our family. Her name is really relabel and it makes me look good too.    


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