Affinity Space Nancy Tompkins

I chose this topic because I have be riding/working with horses my whole life. Recently I began training a woman’s horse that boards at a Parelli affiliated barn. The atmosphere was completely different. The horses were calmer, more responsive, and all around better competitors than there traditionally trained counter parts. I found this fascinating since it was so different from what I had learned. Needless to say I jumped in with two feet and never looked back. It was amazing to me to see the transformations I have been looking for, for 8 years come in less than 8 months with this training program. It also great to have people surrounding you with one common goal, putting the horse first.

Digital Identity Nancy Tompkins


I use social media very little. In fact I am almost impossible to get a hold of outside of school. I look at Facebook about 3-4 times a year and I haven’t made an update in probably 5 years. To be honest the appeal of social networking wore off quickly in high school and now I just find it to be a waste of time. When you Google my name you won’t find me, period. Personally I like this but it could be a liability if I needed to be found. I don’t have a twitter(other than for this class that I made and logged into a grand total of once). I am not a education major so not being able to find me isn’t bad or good, I guess it just depends on how you look at it.



In my opinion it is an asset that I can’t be found. I like that I’m not constantly paranoid about what someone might find if they look me up. I know a few people who have way to much online and have suffered for it. It’s also a bit of an asset that I don’t need to be attached to socail media to function. I could leave it all for weeks at a time and be totally fine. I think by not having all these extra accounts I am able to be present and participate in life. It makes me less stressed and calmer.

My Facebook is extremely locked down. You can’t find me no matter how hard you look. Interestingly I deleted my FB account 3 years ago and found out the FB does not get rid of your page. So I found myself online but had lost access to my account. It was a pain to get it all back but it taught me an important lesson. Once its online its never gone.

Transmedia Franchise: Ninjago



I chose Ninjago because at the Elementary school where I work this is all the kids talk about. It’s mostly Kindergarteners and they are quite immersed with the lunch boxes, book bags, t shirts, and more of this stuff. I think it is more spreadability rather than drill ability.  It is a Tv show a lego ‘action figure’, and a wide range of products and games. It’s continuous in that the character stay pretty much the same so that kids can follow easily. It changes story lines from season to season of the show which engages viewers(mostly children). As far as worldbuilding I would say the franchise is successful in some different ways. For examples the kindergarteners at school play the game ‘ninjago’ on the playground, they build ninjago with blocks. The kids build the world in a way and the website and tv show help but I find that the kids take it and make it what it is. Seriality is dispersed through the tv shows and websites but also books. Its performance is also lead by the kids and not limited by the creator. Subjectivity, mostly the story is from a third party observer so that children can follow easily.

How The Dark Knight Rises Should Have Ended

Remix of the The Dark Knight Rises. The Purpose and character use in this remix is satirical. The characters are in cartoon form versus actors from the film. The cartoons are pretty close in appearance to the originals. The original work is published and it’s one of the highest grossing movies of all time. This factors into the fair use of this cartoon. The cartoon is creative but it also mentions many key plot points of the original work. Proportion is were fair use is a little more likely for this sketch. Its a short video and in comparison to the movie it is very tiny. Its market is hard to depict. It’s transformative use is definitely a parody so it could fall under free speech.

Area 5 Geospatial Project

“As a classroom teacher who teaches both an AP level class and two co-taught sophomore literature classes, I see the full-spectrum of situations, and I see more and more parents depending on educators and the system to raise their children.  Maybe it is just that many parents are struggling to pay the bills and really do not have the time, energy, or skills to actually parent.” This is not just Area 5 students.“What we are observing is a national trend.”

The master narrative of the Area 5 school district is that it is mostly middle class and upper class with an extremely low crime rate. A lot of people believe the crime index is so low because the city of Kennesaw has an ordinance that requires all heads of households to own a gun. We also hear that the majority of the population smokes massive amounts of marijuana. The people here are known to be mostly white racists, fake rednecks, or wanna-be ghetto because of the lack of diversity.

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Crap Detection Plan Nancy Shanise

Written Description/ Rationale

With this project students should be able to detect falsified websites and verified websites. First by researching valuable websites and source material in class. Then they will branch out at home to write two essays. The goal is to allow students to use what they have learned in class and their own deductive reasoning skills to identify the difference between what is real and what is fake.  They should know why it is important to have this skill  for future work, college career, and career. They will also strengthen their writing skills and knowledge of MLA format.   

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