What People Think I Do

I chose to do the What People Think I Do assignment because most of the people in my life, aside from my fellow co-workers, are not teachers. Day-to-day, I don’t feel like I am changing the world, but at the end of the week, semester, or year, I realize I make more of an impact on students than I initially thought.

Choosing the last picture was difficult because I feel like there’s so much to teaching and being a teacher, and that can’t be summed up in one picture. I settled on the last picture because we often forget that our students really run the class and the classroom (shhh… don’t tell them. They still haven’t figured it out). Sometimes this makes for a very exhausted teacher, but most times, we realize it’s better for the world if we facilitate learning rather than dictate it.





Don’t ruin other peoples’ lives.. read!

Read Poster_Great Gatsby


This assignment was to create a 1960s READ poster using a book character or some sort of variation. I chose to used a quote from Daisy Buchanan in the text The Great Gatsby and used a photo of Carey Mulligan as Daisy in The Great Gatsby (2013). The quote was chosen because a major portion of the plot of the book is dedicated to the things that Daisy and her husband Tom do due to their boredom with life. Perhaps if they had found a hobby, such as reading, their lives might have been more fulfilling and others’ lives wouldn’t be ruined. This photo was created using PowerPoint. Link to assignment

Pretty Little Liars Read Poster

Pretty Little Liars is full of literary allusions.  This READ poster references one of the greatest American novels, The Great Gatsby, as alluded to through the television show, Pretty Little Liars.  This poster was created in hopes that fans of the popular television show will explore these allusions and find clues through reading literature.  Read Poster



Computer Books For Kids

This assignment asked users to take a popular children’s book and recast it as a children’s computer book. I decided to use a book by Dr. Seuss because I was certain most people would be familiar with it. I also think that people would consider an Ipad a very important device. I used PowerPoint to make my post. I inserted the book cover as an image and used a text box to cover the word Christmas. I saved the slide as a JPEG File. Link to assignment: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/computer-books-for-kids/


PSA Billboard

After a particularly infuriating trip to target, I decided to use the DS106 PSA Billboard assignment to vent my frustrations (Why do people think they can just walk around shopping, playing horrible music LOUDLY on their iphones?!). To accomplish this submission, I messed around with Gimp – a free photo-editing software. Although graphic design isn’t my strong point, I’m still pleased with the results. This project was rather therapeutic.

Directions for the DS106 assignment can be found here.


Eleshaq Tutorial

I decided to do a tutorial for the assignment where you paste someone’s head on an animal body. I did this screencast tour and showed people how to do this via PowerPoint for those who, like me, aren’t proficient in design programs like Photoshop. This isn’t as neat or professional looking, but it gets the job done. Here’s my final product for the image: Image

Design Assignments: Eleshaq

I choose to do this design assignment so I could mix humor with intentionality. This assignment asks people to paste someone’s head on an animal body or vice versa. I choose an elephant and Shaquille O’Neal not just because I love elephants, but also because the image still has meaning. For some ordinary sized people, someone massive like Shaq charging towards them with this face could be comparable to an elephant charging. I used PowerPoint to fuse the two images into one.Image