What People Think I Do

I chose to do the What People Think I Do assignment because most of the people in my life, aside from my fellow co-workers, are not teachers. Day-to-day, I don’t feel like I am changing the world, but at the end of the week, semester, or year, I realize I make more of an impact on students than I initially thought.

Choosing the last picture was difficult because I feel like there’s so much to teaching and being a teacher, and that can’t be summed up in one picture. I settled on the last picture because we often forget that our students really run the class and the classroom (shhh… don’t tell them. They still haven’t figured it out). Sometimes this makes for a very exhausted teacher, but most times, we realize it’s better for the world if we facilitate learning rather than dictate it.





What People Think I Do

think I do


So this year I began giving ESL classes at my Goodwill as a part of one of my Education classes. I also offer help to some of the people that take advantage of the services offered there, and I’ll often help people logging into their emails and figureing out their credit score, drawing up resumes, etc. That’s why I chose a “wizard” to represent the what my students think box, as people are often amazed at how simply I am able to do certain things. As far as my dad goes, his primary focus is making sure I get good grades so I can get a good job, so when I tell him something is for school, he’s fine as long as it’s going towards my grade. The people at Goodwill are always telling me how much they appreciate my help and how happy they are to have me, hence the little angel.

In reality though, most days I only get one or two people show up, or none at all, so I end up playing video games by myself since I’m scheduled for 3 hours weather anyone shows up or not.