Pinteresting Character – GoT Edition

For this assignment, I chose to create a Pinterest board for Game of Thrones character Cersei Lannister. The ds106 assignment suggests posting pins of interest for the character and having others guess the character’s identity, but I wanted to caption the actual pictures that I pinned. The juxtaposition of Cersei’s power-hungry character against polite Pinterest comments was especially funny to me. Something that I tried to get away from was just pinning pictures of the cast of the television shows, but I wasn’t able to avoid it completely. So, when I would find pictures of the cast, I made a board called “family pictures” to make this site more authentic.



Screenshot (1)Screenshot (3)

Screenshot (2)


Here  is the link to the assignment.




Historical Selfies

Historical Selfies

For my blog post, I chose to do a Historical Selfie under the visual assignments category. It seems that there’s a lot of recent talk on selfies and there’s even a (terrible) song about it.

So I decided to make a somewhat funny/morbid selfie photo of Abraham Lincoln picture in the Ford’s theater. This was the most technical of the other blog posts because it required some editing, something which I’m terrible at, but it provided an opportunity to learn how to get better at it.

Phake Tweets

Phake Tweets

For my second blog post I decided to make a “Phake Tweet” for Mark Cuban. This came at a time where the LA Clippers team owner Donald Sterling made some pretty hateful and racist comments towards minorities.

Mark Cuban is an owner of the Dallas Mavericks. Him and the other team owners of other NBA teams will have to vote soon on whether Sterling will have his team stripped from him. I tried to impose what thoughts Mark Cuban might be having on the matter in the form of having a fake conversation with Blake Griffin (one of the LA Clippers players) and thus implying that he wanted to try to persuade the NBA to give the team to him. It was funny to see that in Mark Cuban’s own Twitter profile he reflected somewhat of the same thoughts on Sterling. (

Illustrating Odd Autocompletes

Illustrating Odd Autocompletes

For my first blog post I chose to do the 1244 assignment on the DS106 website: the illustrating odd auto-completes. The assignment itself has you illustrate in photo format something that happens when you type in the first couple of words to a Google search and pick the first one that comes up. The words in this one were “since when”.

This one actually came from a meme that has been going around the internet a good bit and on lots of Facebook feeds. On the internet there are a lot of posts where trolls will bash people for their weight, thus to counteract that there have been a lot of pictures and posts going around Facebook in which a picture of a skinny model is shown, and then juxtaposed side by side with a picture of a plus size model. These usually have the caption: “real women have curves” or “real men love curves”. Interstingly enough this ended up creating bashing on skinny women as well, its own form of side-hate in effort to end the hatred on weight issues.

And then on the total opposite end of the spectrum, some people decided to post a male equivalent poking fun at the issue as well. And then a food equivalent…I’ll let the image speak for itself.

What is in a Name.

What is in a Name.

Okay so I have always been told that there are not many people named Olivia, which is true until around 1999 when every other person was naming their child, no matter the sex(just kidding) Olivia. However my name is not inspired by Olivia Newton John, Grease the movie, but from my great-great- grandmother on my fathers side. I love this fact because my twin sister Eulaliah is the great great grandmother on my moms side and we both take after those families. Which probably explains why we are complete opposites. But if you look up my name on urban dictionary you can see that everyone says Olivia’s are “A beautiful wonderful hearted girl.
Wonderful to talk to . Always there for someone, great person. Absolutely FUN.” so I guess that means I’m a fun-great-listener. Which surprisingly I am. If you go to baby though my name means Elf Army, which I find hilarious because it reminded me of Lord of the Rings. Since Liv Tyler is an elf, I guess another random connection is made! So in the end I have decided that my name means I’m caring, strong as an army, and very fun, but I’ll stick with the fact that I have a very distant relative, Olivia, who was know for being a beautiful southern socialite and a great mother.

Shakespearean LOLcat



The instructions for this assignment were to take an image of a cat and superimpose a Shakespearean quote over it. I initially wanted to use something from Taming of the Shrew since that play has so many good stand alone quotes, but in the end I decided to stretch the “rules” of the assignment a little by using more than one photo, since when I read this quote I really felt like it fit cats perfectly. I guess I ended up “remixing” the assignment instead of just completing it.

Blog Post #7 – DS106 Assignment C

For the third ds106 assignment I did the Animated 2600 assignment under the gif category. It appealed to me because of how simply ridiculous older games look and seeing how far we’ve progressed in terms of what we can animate with machinery, and it’s a sort of homage to an older and simpler time.

DS106 C - 8 Bit Atari Gif