Gravy Time

In this day and age of technology, the art of making gravy seems to have been lost. The time has come when the grocery store has gravy in jars upon the shelves. It takes far less effort and money to simply make it in a pan at home than most people realize. No special tools or materials required.
Gravy time
One pat of butter,
Whisk with flour in a pan
Stir in broth, gravy’s done

Recipe Haiku

This assignment asked you to write down a recipe as a Haiku (using the traditional 5/7/5 pattern). The key was not to leave out any important details. As a bonus, you could also include pictures with each step, which I am doing for the sake of visual aid.

So You Want Eggs?

Hot pan on the stove,

Crack the eggs over the heat,

Guess what? You made eggs.


Recipe Haiku (On DS106)

Recipes with Haiku

For this assignment, you are asked to create a recipe using haiku.

“Write an entire recipe only in haiku. Stick to the 5/7/5 syllable pattern as much as possible, but don’t leave out any key instructions!”

When I think of recipes, there is one that stands out in my mind – mainly because of how it warped me in my impressionable teens.


This Tool song might have been the first recipe I ever heard.  Talk about dark and demented, it really is a recipe for hash brownies.  Remember, no eggs!

Die Eier Von Satan

Half a cup sugar-5

Then one quarter teaspoon salt – 7

One ounce Turkish hash – 5

Then half a pound of butter – 7

Teaspoon vanilla – 5

Half a pound of sifted flour – 7

Half a cup of nuts – 5

‘member never any eggs -7

Place in a  big bowl – 5

Add butter to the nuts and – 7

Knead the dough extra – 5

Form round pieces of the dough – 7

Roll in the sugar – 5

say the following Magic Words: – 7

“Sim sala bim bam – 5

ba sala do saladim” – 7

Place on a  pan and – 5

Bake at 200 degrees – 7

for 15 minutes – 5


Bake at 200 degrees

for 15 minutes

‘member never any eggs…

Haiku Recipe

Making ginger tea

is spicy relaxation

in the afternoon


Water heats until

bubbling in the kettle

it steams wet, humid


Water is poured

cup filled, hot to touch

a saucer helps


Spoonfuls of honey

yes, dissolve in hot waters

add the tea bag now


It’s hard waiting

fifteen minutes is long

no wait, too hot


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