Recipes with Haiku

For this assignment, you are asked to create a recipe using haiku.

“Write an entire recipe only in haiku. Stick to the 5/7/5 syllable pattern as much as possible, but don’t leave out any key instructions!”

When I think of recipes, there is one that stands out in my mind – mainly because of how it warped me in my impressionable teens.


This Tool song might have been the first recipe I ever heard.  Talk about dark and demented, it really is a recipe for hash brownies.  Remember, no eggs!

Die Eier Von Satan

Half a cup sugar-5

Then one quarter teaspoon salt – 7

One ounce Turkish hash – 5

Then half a pound of butter – 7

Teaspoon vanilla – 5

Half a pound of sifted flour – 7

Half a cup of nuts – 5

‘member never any eggs -7

Place in a  big bowl – 5

Add butter to the nuts and – 7

Knead the dough extra – 5

Form round pieces of the dough – 7

Roll in the sugar – 5

say the following Magic Words: – 7

“Sim sala bim bam – 5

ba sala do saladim” – 7

Place on a  pan and – 5

Bake at 200 degrees – 7

for 15 minutes – 5


Bake at 200 degrees

for 15 minutes

‘member never any eggs…

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