Illustrated Lyrics Post

I loved seeing different photos and getting to choose what lyrics I wanted to put on it because so many people use lyrics already written to compare and express themselves through. I loved doing this assignment because yes I am one of those people who listens to music and each song or artist evokes different emotions.  The artists are called the Pirate Sessions and they makes me smile no matter what.  I chose a photo from my Pinterest and thought of the quote afterwards.  This was the original assignment My Favorite Lyric. beach photo edit

2 thoughts on “Illustrated Lyrics Post

  1. You have the assignment category tag, but you are missing the assignment tag “VisualAssignments1039.” Note on the assignment page and on my instructions that it says you have to use both tags to get it to appear on ds106. Your options now are to delete this post and repost OR manually add this post on the assignment page. If you choose to manually add it, be sure to use the link directly to your post (not the general link for the blog).

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