Digital Identity

When my partner Googled my name, I wasn’t at all afraid of anything that might show up. First of all, my name is really common and then there’s the fact that I don’t have anything that can hurt me professionally. I don’t do much with social media besides Facebook and I only made a twitter account for this class, which I have yet to go back on. I do have an Instagram and Pinterest but nothing from those shows up either. You can find my Facebook page from Google but everything on there is private. So with these results, there isn’t much of a liability.

With that being said, there isn’t much for assets either. I don’t have a blog or anything like that. To build up my assets I think I will start making a professional blog where I can post about my classes and what I’m learning throughout college. I’d also like to have a book review site because I really love to read. I think this could definitely be an asset because it can show a diverse knowledge of literature.

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