#10 Digital Me


I found the digital map to be very helpful. Basically, every blue shape is safe for anyone to see. The red shapes, however, are things i would like to keep private. Fortunately, everything on Facebook can be secured, and i’m pretty good about keeping things like my pictures, statuses, and groups private from the public. I am completely anonymous on Reddit and Tumblr, so i am almost positive those negative assets will never be a problem in my professional career.
I guess i plan on completely destroying and rebuilding a few of my groups before i become a teacher. I will probably delete my Facebook and Youtube accounts, and create new ones. I feel like all my old videos of my high school shenanigans will be negative. I’d also like to keep any affiliation with Kennesaw Pride or any Pride group private, because it might be negative to some people too.
I do think most of my school-related groups will be positive. Especially this WordPress account. I plan on doing more with my Twitter account when i have the time to make it a more positive asset.

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