Transmedia Franchise


SpongeBob Squarepants first aired in 1999 and has been blowing up our televisions ever since. The show aims to entertain young kids (and their parents) with its weirdness, catchiness, and uniqueness.

Although there haven’t been any spinoffs of the show yet, Nickelodeon produced a SpongeBob Squarepants Movie and a sub-series involving a character called Patchy the Pirate, who is played by the voice actor who voices SpongeBob. The show and its characters is also often mentioned in other shows, movies, etc.

SpongeBob’s character has always been strange and eccentric. He is carefree and fun-loving and always going on adventures with his friends, who’s personalities also remain pretty constant throughout the show. Although SpongeBob’s character changed a bit to a less intelligent, more emotional guy after the SpongeBob Movie, his random, silly personality has remained pretty constant. The undersea world of Bikini Bottom, where the show takes place, has also been the same throughout the series.

There are lots of ways for a fan to immerse him/herself in the show. People wear the merchandise, play the video games, and even dress up as the characters. Phrases from the show have wormed their way into the English language.

SpongeBob airs all over the world. The show is translated into other languages everywhere.

You don’t need to intensely follow the series in order to understand one episode. There isn’t much of a storyline. However it does help to have seen a few episodes so you know about the characters’ lives and relationships.

Each episode is pretty much the same. SpongeBob’s naiveness gets him into a situation. His simple-minded friend Patrick joins him. His grumpy neighbor Squidward complains about them. And some of his other friends join in, as well. In the end, there is sometimes a moral accompanied by a random occurrence.

New episodes of SpongeBob are being created and aired all the time. Kids our age remember SpongeBob from when we were kids and kids today have their own connections to the show.

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