Crap Detection

 Vashun, Kyle, Jess

Proposal: “Myth Busters” styled idea

Proposal: “Myth Busters” styled idea
The students will pick a myth they have known for some time and debunk it using their favorite search techniques and research
They will follow up on one of the listed ‘internet hoax / myths’ and try to debunk it with research and common sense.

Written Description of Activity –
Students spend a large part of their time inundated with information, some true and most false. They should, in growing up, learn the skills of self-evaluation and critique in judging whether the information they hear is true and how to prove it. This activity will allow students to learn these abilities for themselves using information familiar to them in their generation. They should learn to differentiate between credible sources and credible hosts of sources (I’m looking at you wikipedia). Above all the students will show understanding of the research process and how to differentiate truth from fiction and explain why.

Project can be found here:

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