Tomlin – Digital Identity

Liabilities: Googling my name was a bit terrifying. While I didn’t have anything bad, per say, I did feel a bit uncomfortable at what was found. First and foremost, my story blog. It’s not that I am embarrassed by my writings, but my writings are a bit darker and definitely not suitable for younger generations. I, of course, went through and immediately made that blog private. Followed by that was an old high school myspace account, my facebook, my twitter, and basic social media sites as that. They were all private, so it wasn’t a big deal, but I’ll probably delete them later on down the road just in case. There were also some uncomfortable pictures, but I don’t know how they are showing up or how they even have gotten online (and by uncomfortable, I just mean pictures from when I was in high school, nothing lewd).

Assets: Some assets I found were posts from this blog, linkedin, prezi (with previously constructed lessons), and not much else. To combat my liabilities, I plan on making more blogs about teaching, politics, and such. I want to push more intellectual stuff into the online world and push out my high school mistakes as fast as possible. I don’t think anything I ever did was bad, but I know people are not as forgiving about childhood as others.


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