ds106c – Real Life to Cartoon Collage

ds106 assignment c

This assignment asked to find a man made version of a natural thing and put them together in a collage. I chose to do a lion and had originally intended on finding something related to the lion king play but I found this one instead. I have no idea where it’s from or what the purpose for it is, but it looked like something that could be found in Atlantis (if it existed). The assignment is listed here!

Ds106 C: Real life to cartoon collage

I chose to do the assignment where you take something found in nature, and then find the same thing in man made form. Metal yard decorations immediately came to mind and I found a really cool one of a horse so I chose to do that animal.

PicMonkey Collage


I used the website picmonkey.com, which someone had put in a tutorial and then I just uploaded my pictures, adjusted them a little, and voila! Animal collage!

The link to the assignment can be found here