Illustrating Odd Autocompletes

The example for this ds106 visual assignment was of a cat priest hissing while preaching, which immediately caught my eye. I first input “I love it when…” into the google search bar, and then typed a few random letters after it. I tried to choose letters that were less frequently used to (hopefully) get more interesting results. V yielded “Voldemort” and when filling in the rest of that word, I was supplied with “I love it when Voldemort uses my shampoo.” How could I not? Since I am inept with photoshop, I chose to use MSpaint and Let It Gogh. I have to admit, I was both surprised and impressed with the end result, although I wish I could have thought of a more clever way to do the shampoo suds.

But really. Quit using my shampoo, Voldy.



I also made a tutorial that can be found on YouTube or here on the blog.

Illustrating Odd Autocompletes

Illustrating Odd Autocompletes

For my first blog post I chose to do the 1244 assignment on the DS106 website: the illustrating odd auto-completes. The assignment itself has you illustrate in photo format something that happens when you type in the first couple of words to a Google search and pick the first one that comes up. The words in this one were “since when”.

This one actually came from a meme that has been going around the internet a good bit and on lots of Facebook feeds. On the internet there are a lot of posts where trolls will bash people for their weight, thus to counteract that there have been a lot of pictures and posts going around Facebook in which a picture of a skinny model is shown, and then juxtaposed side by side with a picture of a plus size model. These usually have the caption: “real women have curves” or “real men love curves”. Interstingly enough this ended up creating bashing on skinny women as well, its own form of side-hate in effort to end the hatred on weight issues.

And then on the total opposite end of the spectrum, some people decided to post a male equivalent poking fun at the issue as well. And then a food equivalent…I’ll let the image speak for itself.