What Wanders Outside Your Window

A creepy clown would be my greatest fear of what can wander outside my window at night.  I researched the post I could relate to , and stumbled on page two of visual post and saw this post. I am very afraid of clowns, never had them at birthday parties, so I knew exactly what picture I would post. I looked on google pictures and found the scariest picture of a clown I could find and posted it in my blog right here.


Atomic Apocalypse





For this assignment you were supposed to create a visual of your biggest fear outside your window. I am not actually really that afraid of an atomic winter, but typically rather than look at actual (internal) fears, people like to find some external to attach their fear to i.e. terrorism, communism, Muslims, Armageddon. This picture is more in the spirit of what Jung calls the Collective Shadow. If it were an actual fear of mine it would be hard to capture as an image outside a window since most of my fears are intangible: failure/success, being alone/being committed etc.