You’re Doing it Wrong

Sarcasm is at the heart of this ds106 assignment, which speaks to me on a cellular level. Maybe I’m stuck up. Maybe I think I’m better than other people. Or maybe I just don’t know how to handle other people’s stupidity. I blame food service. Regardless, I love the idea of this post, and I will probably start saying, “You’re doing it wrong,” on a daily basis.

Essentially, the point is to find a funny picture of something used improperly, spelled incorrectly, or something generally stupid, and use the caption, “You’re doing it wrong.” The example on the site was using a bike lock to secure a car to a pole. What? Really?

I didn’t go quite as caustic with mine. I searched for funny pictures, stupid pictures, dumb pictures, etc. I found quite a few grammar pictures with restaurant signs and the like that I considered using, but when I found the kitten… I had to.

I present, “Kisses: you’re doing it wrong.”


You’re doing it COMPLETELY wrong!

The assignment is to find a picture or something of the sort of someone doing something completely wrong, and basically just raging out on them…which is fine because we all see that everyday. My favorite is the ones who post on facebook or some other social media about how they wish people would do grammar and spell checks, and then the post itself is a complete English FAIL.

Well, in looking for the perfect picture to rip off on, I found this website, which is a blog of this guy that came to Georgia and was met with SO many unfortunate signs. So here I am, taking this opportunity, to rip off on Georgia as a whole.


what_way_signs <—— Obviously you’re not going to just park there because I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to park at the corner where a stop sign in, but according to this sign, you can’t really do anything else! You can’t go forwards, backwards, or to either side…maybe you’re only option is to U-Turn, but I’m pretty sure that counts as going backwards. Either way, you sit there too long and depending on where you are, you’re going to find yourself with a ticket from an officer who won’t even be able to explain to you what you’re doing wrong. Just that you are breaking the law….wait that’s another rip off that has nothing to do with this.


I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this on 75 coming from the South. Believable though. Georgia locks you up for everything to where you might as well drive yourself to the prison. In the words of a Georgian native, this is the state where you “come for vacation and leave on probation”. Smh. They always say to pay attention to the warning signs. If these are the signs offered in Georgia, we should all probably not be reading this and start considering other options. Smh. Do better Georgia. Do better.