Lyrical Post


For the My Favorite Lyric assignment, I wanted to make sure I depicted the lyrics in a way that reflects their meaning to me. I chose to use one of my favorite pictures that I’ve found artistically inspiring and then simply used paint to add the lyrics. The hardest part of this assignment was probably choosing a font to match the picture because the picture easily inspired the lyrics for me. The song “All of Me” by John Legend is my current favorite song and I love the way this picture turned out. I might even print it for my room.

ds106b – My Favorite Lyric

ds106 assignment b

The assignment was to take a picture that helped describe our favorite lyric and write the lyric somewhere on the picture. The song I chose was Swim by Jack’s Mannequin and I felt this picture helped embody the message of the song as a whole. This song in particular has been one that’s helped me out a lot during times that I felt like things just kept going wrong and weren’t going to get any better. This song represents hope for me during those time, and I feel like the picture shows the same type of loneliness that the song describes. The assignment is listed here and the song is here if anyone feels like listening to it!