The Contest Nobody Could Win (Video-Mashup Edition)


The instructions for this assignment were to use clips from different movies no longer than 2 seconds in length and “mash” them together into one video. I was supposed to use my favorite movies, but unfortunately all I had access to were the movies already on my computer, so I chose my favorites out of those. Not my “favorite” favorites, but still within the guidelines. By this logic, the video should be around 10 seconds long, so I’m not sure how it ended up being 24 seconds long. I think my terrible editing program combined with my terrible editing skills led to this discrepancy.

The instructions in the video made the implication that people were supposed to be “guessing” what my favorite movies were using these clips, so I deliberately tried to be vague (IE not using any clips which referenced the name of the movie, or using any Disney movies, which I adore but are instantly recognizable). I tried to pick scenes which would be substantial with only two seconds, and which were in some way significant to the movie. I used clips that I either thought were very funny, or scary, or that I really liked. It was actually very difficult trying to find scenes that were short but interesting, and which I felt adaquetly represented some major theme or plot point of the movie.

What Color Is Your World?


I chose to do the What Color Is Your World assignment for my last project. For this assignment, you are to pick a color that you see throughout your world each day, and capture photos of things of that particular color. Then, you are to choose a song that is relevant to the color that you chose and make a short clip featuring your pictures and your song of choice. I chose to focus on the color yellow and chose to use the song Yellow by Coldplay as the background song for my clip. I took pictures of yellow things I saw over the course of about three days. I took the photos on my phone and emailed them to myself to upload to my computer. I created my clip using a web-based video maker called WeVideo. I simply uploaded the song Yellow, and attached my pictures to the song clip. This was a fun assignment to work on, because it made me very aware of what I was seeing moment to moment. Things I might normally have skimmed right over, I was instead seeking out. It was a neat process of learning to be aware of my surroundings, and finding joy in some of the smaller moments of my day.