Transmedia Storytelling (Batman)

Batman started within comic books in the late 1930’s. In the late 1980’s there were video games and movie films that were coming out about Batman. The Batman story expanded to a large assortment of merchandise products, like action figures, clothing or simply any random item with a Batman logo on it. However, the most well known medium for the broader public are the movie adaptations to be watched in cinemas. Some of the films that exist are Batman Returns, Batman Forever, and the Dark Knight trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan. Another film I can somewhat remember seeing is Batman and Robin, which focuses more on Robin and how they got to work together. It seems that ever since The Dark Knight came out, there‚Äôs been a serious Batman comeback.








Affinity Space

I chose to do my affinity space on a church softball league. I think that this is such an interesting way of getting people to come together on the field regardless of age or sex. Watching people just have fun without having to worry if they are “good” or not is really amazing.

Remix Culture

This is the link to the remix of Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s really lame, but it is a remix of the “rum” that the main character is obsessed with throughout the movies. I chose this remix because I think that the way the creator put the pictures with the music (or words) was really interesting. It could be a type of transformative use because, for the obvious reason, it is a video remix. It could also be a parody since it is imitating the main character the entire time which is another type of transformative use. This remix is an example of fair use as well since it is not necessarily for profit purposes or commercial purposes.