Bourne’s Digital Identity


When my partner googled my name nothing really came up. The only thing i found was pictures of me through google docs. They weren’t bad at all because I use them for my D2L page. Im really careful when it comes to social media and hiding my things. I guess seeing my google pictures made me think about my google account and how i should go look on my page and make sure all my pictures are okay. I always try and monitor everything that i do and knowing that i want to be a teacher makes me monitor it more.


I already made a teacher twitter account so that i could talk to past teachers. With my twitter account right now i dont think i want other teacher to look at it, not because anythings bad but because something that my friends might tweet. I just need to go and look through mine and make sure everything is ok. I plan on having a teacher facebook to that i can communicate with my students. This can keep me in contact with them even after they graduate. Some of my teachers do this and i think its a great idea. Another asses i have is my mom. That might sound weird but she is one of Georgia’s top realtors and when you type in bourne her name pops up everywhere. She even has pictures of me and her as well as our family. Her name is really relabel and it makes me look good too.    



Here is my process of writing a paper. My ADD kicks in a lot so i always have to be doing something. I check facebook and twitter a lot so this kind of helps me focus more on my paper, if that makes sense. I get so bored writing papers that i have to do something or else the paper would never get done. Since facebook and twitter are on my computer i never have to put it down. If i didn’t have it then i would have to put down my computer and do something else. When it comes to a TV series if i miss an episode of my show then i will just watch it on my ipad while i write, tweet and post. The lines show that i alway listen to music, and i go through the circle of checking fb and twitter. When the show ends ill just go back to twitter and fb, but i always get my papers done.



My favorite example would be Peter Pan. Peter Pan was the best movie of my childhood and I loved everything about it. Through Peter Pan we have created this world of fantasy that children and older cling on to.

Spreadability vs. Drillability: Peter Pan is very spreadably, when children go to school and have PP on their lunch boxes other students are going to want that lunch box.


Through Peter Pan we have had many movies and shows.


Continuity vs. MultiplicityTinkerbell, the fairy in Peter Pan has become a spin off through her own movies and her own TV show. Children love these DVD’s and it keeps Peter Pan alive in our lives.

Subjectivity: Peter Pan was animated but because hollywood is hollywood they decided to create a human version called hook. This movie was towards the adult fans of Peter Pan. This movie elaborates the adult Peter Pan who has left Neverland but returns. We see this movie through the eyes of an adult now and not a boy. The lost boys are one of the main focuses because they have kept the memory of Peter alive. When he finally returns the lost boys have to remind him of his past life. Because of the animated film, all these versions were able to come alive. In this film they had to have the main characters as the original had or else it wouldn’t seem like Peter Pan. Tinkerbell, the lost boys, hook, and a female character had to stay in this movie to make it seem like Peter Pan.

The movie didn’t just stop there. Tinkerbell and Peter Pan have shown up on lunch boxes, clothes and even dolls children can collect.

Performance: PP is on broadway and it plays in the FOX. It also is included in Disney on Ice where anyone can go and watch this movie be played out by actors.

World building: Since a major part of PP is the London clock this gives people who watch the movie information about London, they see a major artifact. People all over the world has watched PP.

Immersion vs. Extractability: It has also spread to Disney World. There is a whole Fairy land that people can visit, take pictures with the fairies and get their autographs. The theme park shrunk everything so that people can really be immersed in this fairy land.

Seriality: Because of all the spin offs, PP doesn’t really have a number 2 but it does have spin off. In another movie Wendy grows up and has a daughter. Her daughter ends up going to Neverland. So this is like a number two but it was years and years later




I choose to do my project on the gym. It’s one of my spaces that I feel very comfortable in and knew that i would be able to really get the concept right. People are there because they love to work out and they want their bodies to be what they want to be. People work their way to the gym through many different portals, nike advertisements, online or even through friends. Whatever get them there my space tries to make sure they stay there.


This is spongbob doing Gangnam style. Its takes a popular song and a very popular TV show and blends them together. I think it works really well because it incorporates dance moves from the characters and also has their lips moving to the words. It makes the video look believable. I dont think it crosses any line because the owner doesn’t make money off of it and it give the title of the song and who the song is by.

According to the article I feel like this would fall under a parody. Using spongbob as the dancer for this song is kinda like making fun of it. Which a lot of parodies do.  Also, this user added the nature of the original work. He said what song it was and gave credit to it that way. Its also more creative then then factual so it makes the video light hearted and funny.

Its probably not fair that this person used the song, they had no rights to it. But on the other side spongebob wasn’t giving a bad light to this song. It probably promoted it because of everyone who watches spongebob and doesn’t listen to Gangnam style.

I think its okay to use this and do this video. There is no harm in using the song or spongbob. I dont think either creator of these things would be upset about this youtube video.

Area 1 Geo Project

Link to our map:

My group had area one which was Pebblebrook and South Cobb.

Our Master Narrative concluded that there are many factors that bring people to a conclusion about Area 1. Pebblebrook, who’s area rival is South Cobb Highschool, is the only school in the county with a magnet program. Because a magnet program is supposed to specialize students in a specific art, people expect these schools to hold academics (including art/music) to a higher standard, but our statistics showed that this school could improve their program. Due to the fact that there are so many students at this school, it is hard to meet the needs of each and every student. South Cobb is also a huge school with a variety of people coming from different economic and social backgrounds. The majority of people in this area are not considered to be in the highest economic/social class, and many documented crime rates are reported. Acts of violence and prejudices formed in South Cobb, cause a clash between different social groups in this area.