What’s In A Name?

As I look online I search my name Mariah. In the urban dictionary Mariah means the prettiest girl in school, but on ask.com Mariah means a sea of bitterness. My mother told me the reasoning behind the name Mariah is simply the wind. I guess some old folk song lyrics were ” they called the wind Mariah”! I find that very interesting. I am pretty and very bitter, so they hit the nail right on the head with that explanation. On babynamewizard.com, the website clearly states Mariah is the name of a girl who is strong and who is a great friend! They also say Mariah is the historical content of being the star of the sea. So I guess Mariah is a pretty bitter girl, who moves like wind like and who is strong with great intentions in being a great friend! yup, that sums me up pretty much !


Unusual Superhero

Assignment: Create an unusual hero. What are their powers? Write an origin story. Design a costume. My Unusual Superhero name is: Turnt Terry! ( turnt is the slang word for being hyped) Turnt Terry was born in a high-class area of Atlanta Georgia. His neighborhood was very boring as a child. One day Terry got tired of being bored and started to dance, his dancing was very wild, it may remind you of a jumping jack. The more Terry jumped the more happy he became. Oddly enough the room started to flash neon lights! Everyone within 100 miles became happy and turnt! People forgot about their worries and just danced ! The super power of being turnt up made people smile! When Terry recognize his power he began to travel to boring cities and danced in jumping jack manner to cheer people up to have a good time. download (1)download (2)download (3)his costume consist of Nike shorts, any type of NBA jersey and a pair of Jordans sneakers.

What Wanders Outside Your Window

A creepy clown would be my greatest fear of what can wander outside my window at night.  I researched the post I could relate to , and stumbled on page two of visual post and saw this post. I am very afraid of clowns, never had them at birthday parties, so I knew exactly what picture I would post. I looked on google pictures and found the scariest picture of a clown I could find and posted it in my blog right here.