Supercut It



The instructions for this assignment were to create a montage of an overused or widely recognised trope or movie theme. Initially, I had wanted to do “love at first sight” and create a video montage of that one scene where one person looks at another one and they stare at each other quietly for a second before getting all awakward. However, I did not have internet access for the past week, and so I had to get crafty with what I already had instead, since I had no way of aquiring any examples of the aformentioned scene.

Instead I decided to do something with Disney movies, since I have a lot of them already on my computer. At first I had simply wanted to transfer my “true love” idea onto the disney movies, since that is a recurring theme, but I decided that I’d be wasting movies, since not all animated Disney movies are about love, or even people. Instead, I decided to focus on the villain, since every Disney movie has some kind of bad guy.

I decided to make a collage of the “Villain Song”, something that has been present in nearly every animated movie Disney has put out since Beauty and the Beast. While there were “evil” songs I could have included, I really wanted to focus on movies where the bad guy actually sang and/or danced, as opposed to just a sad or creepy song. I included Elsa because she is, in my opinion, the closest thing Frozen has to a villain. She causes every problem in the film and literally shoots a shard of ice into her sister’s heart.

Also, the reason Beauty and the Beast is on here twice is because while I thought that the first clip I used was much more poignant and striking, I couldn’t pass up Gaston’s use of “screw your courage to the sticking place” in an assignment for an English class.

The Contest Nobody Could Win (Video-Mashup Edition)


The instructions for this assignment were to use clips from different movies no longer than 2 seconds in length and “mash” them together into one video. I was supposed to use my favorite movies, but unfortunately all I had access to were the movies already on my computer, so I chose my favorites out of those. Not my “favorite” favorites, but still within the guidelines. By this logic, the video should be around 10 seconds long, so I’m not sure how it ended up being 24 seconds long. I think my terrible editing program combined with my terrible editing skills led to this discrepancy.

The instructions in the video made the implication that people were supposed to be “guessing” what my favorite movies were using these clips, so I deliberately tried to be vague (IE not using any clips which referenced the name of the movie, or using any Disney movies, which I adore but are instantly recognizable). I tried to pick scenes which would be substantial with only two seconds, and which were in some way significant to the movie. I used clips that I either thought were very funny, or scary, or that I really liked. It was actually very difficult trying to find scenes that were short but interesting, and which I felt adaquetly represented some major theme or plot point of the movie.

What People Think I Do

think I do


So this year I began giving ESL classes at my Goodwill as a part of one of my Education classes. I also offer help to some of the people that take advantage of the services offered there, and I’ll often help people logging into their emails and figureing out their credit score, drawing up resumes, etc. That’s why I chose a “wizard” to represent the what my students think box, as people are often amazed at how simply I am able to do certain things. As far as my dad goes, his primary focus is making sure I get good grades so I can get a good job, so when I tell him something is for school, he’s fine as long as it’s going towards my grade. The people at Goodwill are always telling me how much they appreciate my help and how happy they are to have me, hence the little angel.

In reality though, most days I only get one or two people show up, or none at all, so I end up playing video games by myself since I’m scheduled for 3 hours weather anyone shows up or not.

Shakespearean LOLcat



The instructions for this assignment were to take an image of a cat and superimpose a Shakespearean quote over it. I initially wanted to use something from Taming of the Shrew since that play has so many good stand alone quotes, but in the end I decided to stretch the “rules” of the assignment a little by using more than one photo, since when I read this quote I really felt like it fit cats perfectly. I guess I ended up “remixing” the assignment instead of just completing it.