BlogPost # 8

Dora the Explorer is a very highly televised children’s tv show that is mainly shown on the Nick Jr network. Millions of children enjoy  and learn from this  bilingual spanish speaking girl and her friends in which they go on engaging adventures that involve  solving clues, learning various spanish terms, and sing alongs.

Spreadability vs. Drillability

Dora the Explorer can be found almost anywhere. There are toys, lunch bags, book bags, books, movies, fruit snacks, clothes, etc., that can be found easily with Dora and her friends on it. She also available on the Nick Jr. website with games and other interactive activities for children to enjoy.

Continuity vs. Multiplicity

The storyline for this character which consists of her best friend “Boots” ,  and her trusty backpack which travels with her on adventures and sometimes run’s into the villan fox named “Swiper” has an ongoing coherence throughout the various transmedia franchises. A change has not been made  to the original story line. Because of this, children and also parents are able to identify with  and recognize  the franchise more easier.

Immersion vs. Extractability

Fans are able to be fully immersed with Dora due to the many theme parks that involve this story line. Themes parks such as Kings Dominion in Virginia, to Six Flags in Georgia carry this theme within their parks for fans to enjoy. Dora can also be deemed as extractability due to the widespread of merchandise that is made available for fans to enjoy during “everyday life” when they are not able to be fully immersed with this story line.


Transmedia extension for this story line can be seen in which the story goes into greater detail of Dora’s immediate family. For instance, he grandparents and parents can be seen more heavily throughout the television show and also merchandise such as books, video games, and movies. With this, fans are able to see a richer depiction of Dora’s personal family life.



Within the show series two of the main characters, “Boots” and “Swiper” have episodes in which it is mainly centered around them. By having episodes like these, the narrative arc is slightly shifted due to the storyline focusing on other characters within the narrative. The video games online and also books carry these storylines of the  other main characters so that  they are able to spread these  ideas across multiple medias.


The transmedia extension of Dora’s immediate family serves’ as a way to explore the narrative through new eyes due to her parents or grandparents giving her valuable advice on what to do when she comes to them with her concerns of solving a problem or for help/guidance when she doesn’t know what to do in her adventures.


Fan produced musical plays are widely popular with this story line. The plays tie’s in and becomes part of  the narrative. The story lines that are portrayed within the television show are the same ones that are seen within the live plays. There are more musical numbers and also live, energetic dances in order to keep the children/fans engaged and involved.

Blogpost # 10 Digital Teacher Identity

I have to say that I’ve limited myself when it comes to using digital social media; not becase that I am unable to use them, but because I really dont have an interest for many of them. The only active mode of social media that I have is Facebook and Instagram.I can say that I’ve also kept my social media “under wraps” pretty good since there was only one picture that popped up when I goggled my name.  With the changing times in which digital media is playing a big role within our classrooms as a way of learning, I know that as a future teacher, I have to keep myself abreast on the lastest forms of social media. When I begin to be fully involved with teaching, I know that I may have to change my privacy settings and maybe clear a few photos on the more personal forms of media such as my instagram account, in that I feel that it would be  one of the forms of media that will serve as a liablity to me in my profession.

My Facebook could also serve as a liability for me as well, but I would like my students and also their parents to be able to see a little of my  “life” in order to get a feel of who I am outside of the classroom; with this site, I will also make sure the privacy settings on certain things on my page are set in place.  Inorder to adapt to  the use of social media within classrooms, I know that I will have to become aquainted with and join other social media sites to further my pressence on the web. Sites that I would join would be wordpress, twitter, teacher tube, and google doc (which I am already aquainted with);  in that these types of social media can be considered as assests to my web pressence. I would use these sites as a tool to fututher the learning of the students so that they are able to see posts about assignments, they themselves can post for projects or just to socialize with peers regarding the class, and I can also use them to keep parents and colleagues  informed of whats going on within the classroom. I think  the use of  of scial media in classrooms is a great idea to futher the learning of students.

Blogpost # 9 Trajectories

For my chosen trajectory, I decided to talk about a online class that I take. For this particular course, there are modules that have to be completed for each week. We’re not allowed to go ahead but your allowed to always go back to previous modules to review powepoints or articles. Each module for the week contains two audio power points, checklist, an article on the subject being taught/learned, discussion, and a quiz ( every other week. The expected way or de jure of what my professor expects is that she wants us to listen to her talk for over 20 minutes about what we need to  do for the week, then proceed with the following assignments . For the first two weeks I followed the expected way of how she would “like” for us to do the assignments, but after those first two weeks, I bypassed all the power points , articles, and “extra filler things” in my opinion, and simply checked the dropbox and quiz folders for what I needed to turn in. With doing the actual way or Trace de the Facto, of what worked for me, the course was a breeze for me. I actually made an A in the class. For me, I like things to be simple and straight to the point. WIth this course, I felt that it had to many things that were “fillers”, in which I feel that students never pay attention too. WIth paying attention to the extra things that were not needed, it wasted too  much time, and that attention  could be used somewhere else. The professor for this course wasn’t strict  on how we completed our assignments, so we really had the space to complete and turn in our assignments at any time( of course before the due date). With learning trajectories and actually realizing that I do this myself , I can see and also makes sense of why people do things in a way that fits them in order to be successful in whatever that “thing” is. In particular, I think that professors should definitely think about different ways of how they should approach learning for students. Having a set or linear way of doing things, is not ideal for everyone.

Weight Loss Affinity Space


For this project I chose the space of weight loss. Weight loss has became very popular recently and many people are not familiar with  weight loss and everything that comes along with losing weight. Within this video, there is a detailed explanation of the space of weight loss and also few tools of  how one can start to loose weight properply and join this space.

Remix-Diamond In the Back

The song entitled “Diamond In the Back” was originally created by musician William Devaughn. Years later the song was remixed into a song entitled ” Diamond In the Back” as well created by rapper Ludacris. Only the sound and main hook was used for Ludacris’s song. There is a slight difference in sound but the majority of it is based off of the original. Music is a perfect example of remixing within pop culture. I dont think there were any controversy over this song. A lot of people including myself didnt even know that this song was based from an original song beforehand. Ludacris’s version of this song did not “copy” the orginal word for word, and credits were due to the original source. In regards to transformative, Ludacris’s version of the song used a small portion of the original song to use for his version of the song which then weigh’s in favor of  proper fair use for his song,” A use is usually more in favor of fair use if it uses a smaller amount  of the source work..”.

Link for William Devaughn’s version: 

Link for Ludacris’s version:

Crap Detection Identifiers ( Celeste and Rachel)

Written Description/ Rationale

  • The purpose of this activity is to allow students to understand of how easy and simple it is for an individual to portray false information on the web. The activity also  allows students to not only have a sense of how easy it is to create a false account, but to also be aware of the many ways that they can detect if a account is false for their own safety.

Here is the link to the full lesson plan :