Digital Identity

I’m not an education major, but I can certainly understand the importance of maintaining a positive digital identity. When we had that exercise in class where we had to Google each other, I immediately thought of a few things that I definitely didn’t want a potential employer to be able to find so easily. Luckily the only thing that came up for myself was for my LinkedIn page, which I believe would promote a positive digital identity for those who may come across the profile. In fact, I will probably go back and keep that profile updated regularly so that it can project a professional and organized persona for myself. I already keep my Facebook locked down pretty tight, but I think that before I fully enter the professional workforce I may have to go through and make sure that the people I have added are being just as responsible with what they post and share with others. My Twitter is something I don’t use very often, but I probably should be a little more protective of that as well, in the off chance that an employer finds it.

Transmedia Franchise – Marvel Superheroes

Spreadability vs. Drillability
When it comes to Marvel, there are plenty of ways to share the information. First off there are comics, which offer a huge array of stories through their various continuities. There are also animated shows, movies, and live action films that a person can also view in order to not only see different takes on the comics but to see completely new stories as well.

Continuity vs. Multiplicity

As I just mentioned, Marvel superheroes are not apart of a single continuity. There are several different universes in which these characters live, giving the opportunity for different heroes to interact with each other without the issue of ruining either hero’s continuity.

Immersion vs. Extractability

Islands of Adventure at Universal Studios is a theme park dedicated entirely to several of the Marvel heroes, with attractions for some of the iconic characters such as the Incredible Hulk and Superman. There are also gift shops where people can bring home their favorite hero’s memorabilia.


Marvel Studios has spent the last few years building their phase 1 of their cinematic universe, beginning with Iron Man back and culminating in The Avengers which ended up smashing several box office records and became the fastest film to $1 billion.


While the comics and movies both deal with the same character, they use both mediums to tell different stories that branch off from the same origin story.


An example of subjectivity could be shown through the Hulk. The Incredible Hulk was a standalone movie that starred Edward Norton, but since he decided to not be apart of the Avengers they had to retell Bruce Banner’s story with Mark Rufalo instead.


Performance within the Marvel universe has continued to grow. From cosplay to various parodies, fans are able to create original content whether the original creators intended for this to happen or not.

Trajectory for any Given Written Assignment in any Given Class

When it comes to written assignments, especially research papers that are worth a good chunk of a student’s final grade, professors probably feel like they’re doing the student a service by providing the assignment early on in the semester. I’m sure they feel like this way the student can take their time, choose the right topic, do the appropriate research, and construct a well thought out and interesting research paper for them to read at the end of the year. I’m sure there are plenty of good students out there who follow this model or a model similar to it, and aren’t scrambling to finish the assignment 6 hours before it’s due. I’m not one of those students. I work best (or at least I’ve convinced myself that I do) under pressure, meaning I need my completion of the assignment to be imperative. If I don’t feel there are enough stakes involved, chances are I won’t take it as seriously as I should. I have no idea why that is, because I hate feeling stressed over assignments and that’s all procrastination does for me is stress me out. Nevertheless, I do it every single time I’m given a research paper. Instead of drawing out my typical trajectory, I decided to enlist the help of the internet to accurately illustrate my typical trajectory when completing a research paper.

This is how I feel most days in class.

This is my inner dialogue as soon as the topic of the research paper comes up because I know all it’s gonna do is stress me out.

Now we fast forward from the beginning of the semester to 48-72 hours before the paper is due.

I usually spend a few hours being angry at myself for waiting so long to start working on it.

I then spend some time freaking out and generally being terrified over the fact that I have wasted so much time and convince myself that I’m going to fail the class because I’m a horrible procrastinator.

Once I’ve gotten that out of my system I take a breath, grab something high in caffeine, and begin to work.

Time to focus and figure out a topic to research.

I then take a short break to celebrate the fact that I’ve finally found a topic to work on.

Then there are several hours spent typing furiously to reach whatever page count I have to reach in order for my paper to reach the assignment requirements until…time’s up.

Remix – Honest Trailers

I decided to do my remix post on the Honest Trailers YouTube channel. The creators of the channel take a movie or series of movies and give an “honest” spin on the trailer. This usually ends up in something funny and definitely a more realistic look at a movie. I included their version of a Lord of the Rings trailer because I feel like it gives a good example of this…and because I love Lord of the Rings and find their trailer for it pretty funny.

Now as far as whether this qualifies as transformative use and falls under fair use, the article listed four different statutory factors that help answer this question. The first category was purpose and character of the use. The article listed a few purposes that are often connected with fair use and one of those purposes includes criticism and commentary. Honest Trailers would definitely fall under the criticism and commentary category, meaning it’s passed the first statutory for being considered fair use. The next statutory to take into consideration is the nature of the original work and whether it’s been published or not. Lord of the Rings has obviously been published before, which means Honest Trailers are still on track to qualify as fair use. Another factor that the article says to consider is whether or not the original work is more factual or more creative. Now this is kind of tricky to decide. I guess technically a movie is a creative effort, but at the same time the movie considers itself to be a factual account of the main characters so there’s a definite grey area here.

The third area to consider is the amount and substantiality of the portion used. Considering the Lord of the Rings trilogy is about 12 hours long in total if you consider all of the extended cuts, Honest Trailers only borrowed about 4 minutes of those 12 hours which would mean it leans more towards fair use. As far as substantiality is concerned, Honest Trailers isn’t using anything I would consider the “heart” of the source material. They haven’t taken anything that wasn’t already in any of the original trailers for the three movies, so it still leans toward fair use. Now for the last statutory, effects of the use on the potential market for or value of the source work. I could be slightly biased when analyzing this statutory, but I don’t believe Honest Trailers has hurt the market of Lord of the Rings at all. The fanbase is already so established that any sorts of parodies wouldn’t do it any potential damage from a monetary standpoint. Now onto whether or not this is qualified as transformative use. According to the article the answer is definitely yes. Parodies are considered to be transformative because it is using the source material as a way to criticize and provide a commentary. Not only that, but it’s using the source work in a new and unexpected way.

ds106c – Real Life to Cartoon Collage

ds106 assignment c

This assignment asked to find a man made version of a natural thing and put them together in a collage. I chose to do a lion and had originally intended on finding something related to the lion king play but I found this one instead. I have no idea where it’s from or what the purpose for it is, but it looked like something that could be found in Atlantis (if it existed). The assignment is listed here!

ds106b – My Favorite Lyric

ds106 assignment b

The assignment was to take a picture that helped describe our favorite lyric and write the lyric somewhere on the picture. The song I chose was Swim by Jack’s Mannequin and I felt this picture helped embody the message of the song as a whole. This song in particular has been one that’s helped me out a lot during times that I felt like things just kept going wrong and weren’t going to get any better. This song represents hope for me during those time, and I feel like the picture shows the same type of loneliness that the song describes. The assignment is listed here and the song is here if anyone feels like listening to it!

What A Crappy Font Can Do (Assignment A)

The assignment was to take a popular logo and use a “crappy” font to see how much the logo would change. I chose to take the Google logo and use Windings for a couple reasons. One, I hate the font and think it’s terrible. Two, it sort of goes with Google because a lot of times they use pictures and other symbols to represent the logo.

assignment bank a

You can see the assignment here.