Post a Secret ds106C


For this assignment I was to write my goal in life to be displayed for the world to see. Well, my dream is pretty simple: I want to make an impact. This means that wherever God places me – the town, the school, the environment I may teach in – I desire to make a positive impact on the people around me. I know, I know…it’s pretty cheesy. But honestly, its the first thing that comes to mind when I think of my hopes and dreams for the future. I posted these sticky notes at a desk in the library.

Here is the link to the assignment:

Transmedia Franchise: High School Musical


I decided to focus on the Disney Channel trilogy High School Musical which aired its first movie in 2006.

Spreadability vs. Drillability – High School Musical made its first appearance in the United States on January 20th, 2006. It aired on BCC on December 29th 2006 and has been globally seen by over 225 million viewers. It was deemed as one of the most successful Disney  Channel films so it was no surprise that the first movie was not the end for the High School Musical story line. New characters, songs, events, story lines, relationships and so much more was added to the overall plot line while a continuation of some events were brought through all three movies that aired. High School Musical 2 was aired in 2007 and High School Musical 3 was aired in 2009 allowing the information within these films to be explored much further in depth, but this also allows for information to be spread.

Continuity vs. Multiplicity – Characters in High School Muscial 1-3 remain the same, their personalities only coming further out and their stories and background gone into greater depth. Through, as this device appears throughout different forms of media the characters remain the same. For example, Gabriela, Vanessa Hudgens’s character, remains the sweet, intelligent, girl next door who loves to sing throughout all forms of media.

Immersion vs. Extractability – When it comes to the movies, fans are able to really immerse themselves into the story line, but that also depends on how the consumer approaches the films. As it appears across media through, consumers are really only able to extract pieces of information along the way, like party products, dolls, and so much more.

Worldbuilding – There is a wide range of worldbuilding involved in this franchise. Characters from the movies are seen on all sorts of different products as shown below that allow a person to take pieces of the story and promote them. This gives consumers the opportunity to show their love for High School Musical to the world while bringing this story into their own lives every single day.

Seriality – The story of High School Musical is spread throughout the trilogy of films. Though, the story does not change any further passed the movies. There are elements of the movie and characters taken further and displayed across media, but the overall story that was shown throughout its airing time period did not change passed the 3rd movie.

Subjectivity – Subjectivity exists in this transmedia franchise as consumers are able to see the story from their own eyes. For example, the High School Musical Sing-It video game allows consumers to sing songs that were sang in the movie by possibly their favorite characters. Dolls allow consumers to play the part they so desire, acting as their favorite character. These examples allow consumers to view the High School Musical story from their own perspectives, giving an even wider range of viewability and subjectivity.

Performance – High School Musical On Stage is a musical based on the movie. This performance was first played in Georgia in 2007. It continued to be shown around the world produced by those who love the film and desire to bring it to life. Fans are able to watch support these productions as they are shown around the nation and world, from professional theaters to high school productions.









Digital Identity

So I had never really thought about Googling myself. That might sound  a little strange, but I hadn’t. I have always been so cautious about posting pictures online, and now that I have created a completely new one starting from the ground up, I have been even more cautious. But what else is out there? I don’t use Twitter, I mean I have one, but I don’t even post anything. I don’t have a blog, besides the one we have for this class. What else could really be out there? Well upon doing a little search in class, I see that there are things out in the wide wide web that I was completely unaware of. 

My name is famous. No, I am not trying to sound conceited…my name is really famous, but my face is not. If you were to just type in “Heather Morris” into Google the famous Glee cast member would pop up. She is a tall, blond who has been found all over television, magazines, and blogs all over. Clearly not me. For pages upon pages someone searching for Heather Morris would just find millions of sites based around this dancer turned actress and all the publicity that comes with being a celebrity. Again, clearly not me. The one thing that is alarming though is the various nude pictures that can be found of this actress in GoogleImages. I am unsure how this might directly affect me and/or how I can change this, but these images are out there for public viewing. Even though these are not me, I still should be more aware of what is available just in case I were to receive any sort of comments about these pages. 

If you were to research Heather Morris Georgia, a little more refined search comes up. A few Facebook profiles pop up, but these are not my own. I have tried to keep my own profile pretty private to the public world as best I can, so it is nice to see my profile is not the first to pop up. Through, if you were to scroll down the page, you might see that my athletic profile from KSU pops up along with a site carrying all the times I have ever run in my running career. Kinda creepy huh? But this sort of information will aid my me in my search for a coaching job. Though, this is really the only information available about me. After doing some further thinking, I am aware that I should be doing more to build a positive digital identity for my future career.

For starters, I would like to start building a blog where I what I am learning and doing as I go through college. This means that I write about all the experiences I am gaining through my classes and field experiences and all of the information I am gaining. This can be use strictly for educational purposes and will hopefully aid as an artifact for who ever might be looking into my educational background. I want to use the Twitter I have to stay connected with educational resources that might help me in my future career. I also hope to post the  videos we have done in this class for the public. This will just aid as yet another artifact. 

In making my digital identity even more positive, I hope that my “background” is pleasing to whoever so decides to search for me. 



Intended vs Real – Brit Lit Research Paper

This is my trajectory for my approach to the British Lit paper I am currently writing. Throughout this semester I have been doing the reading a majority of the time, but if the reading doesn’t seem that interesting or if I am crunched for time, I kind of avoid it. Though, once this final paper rolled around I went back and forth deciding what I was going to write about. During the proposal and peer edit times, I was constantly rethinking what I wanted to do and how I was going to approach it. I just continued to go back and forth until I felt pretty confident about what I wanted to write about and selected sources. What I turned in for the proposal and peer edit is probably going to look very different compared to my final paper, but hopefully it will all come together in the end….we will find out come Thursday…–BgWtcCldSs-FtCwyfkOmwlalXfSvzMB-E/edit

Common Everyday Object – ds106B



I use these headphones all the time so I thought they would be the perfect object to mess with. I placed them on the top of my laptop which gave a really cool background manipulate. The colors were originally pretty bland, but now the overall picture stands out really well.

“Mean Disney Girls”

I found this video by just typing in the word “remix” into the search bar. It is a compilation of clips from famous Disney princess movies put to the trailer of the 2004 movie Mean Girls. Particular princesses are assigned to each voice in from the Mean Girls trailer. For example, Lindsey Lohan’s character, Cady, is represented by Ariel from Disney’s Little Mermaid. I have not heard of this or of any controversy that it might have caused.Though, it does in fact involve two sources that probably did not give the person who did these clips of media, so the real question is: is this fair? I can’t imagine anybody really getting upset or offended (besides Sleeping Beauty fans), so the real problem would be if using this media hurts either of its sources. If anything, it promotes Disney and Mean Girls with a comedic approach that brings together two different audience. Transformative use is obviously seen in this clip because it is a remix in itself. This is because it uses Disney princesses and Mean Girls in a totally new way. I do not believe that it is going against any sort of copyrights because no real harm has been done and freedom of speech has really been used. The purpose of this video does not go outside of simply for comical reasons and not for commercial or profit use so it is. Even though this video is seemingly harmless, it doesn’t seem to be used for any educational reasons. This could be interfering with the idea of fair use and the purpose behind it. I could see myself using this as an example for an assignment in class. Though, I would probably have my own student have their own “I do not own” segment before the actual start of the clip. This clip does not do this and therefore could invade on fair use.

Mean Disney Girls:

Sally Sells Seashells – ds106A (Splash of Color)



I decided to take a picture I captured at Myrtle Beach during the winter time. The picture was already pretty gloomy looking, but this orange shell really caught my eye. I thought it would have an even greater affect in black and white.

Splash of Color Assignment:

Geospatial Project – Joiner, Burel, Gordon, Morris

Area 2 is considered “lower class”, “problematic”, and “urban” due to the stigmas of varying schools within this area from the “hearsay” and the community. Opinions vary about the quality of education of schools in this location due to the overall ratings being extremely low. Upon recent administration changes, the opinion of these schools are much more positive than before.

Crap Detection – Miller and Morris

This activity has students address the the question “How do i identify credible sources?”. This will be accomplished by identifying the authorship of the information ( who wrote it, date it was written, and whether or not they are able to determine the  validity of the information). Students will go on a “scavenger hunt” to see if they can locate this information. After finding, or attempting to find, this information students will then use the information to make an informed decision about the credibility of the source.