Coleman’s Digital Identity


When I googled my name, nothing really came up other than my social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. While I feel that I have monitored myself close enough where there should be nothing to worry about when it comes to these accounts and the content within them, I did notice something that did concern me. When I did a google image search of my name, I didn’t just see pictures of myself, but photos that I have in someway commented on or liked. While none of them where bad, it makes me really think about what I need to even comment on while I am communicating on these sites. All it would take is for one slip up on my part and I could end up looking real bad. The social media sites are a liability as a whole because not only do they contain information that I post but information that others post as well. That is why I have already started to tighten down on the privacy settings on each account and like I said before, I try and monitor what I even share on there.



While they seem to be liabilities for the most part, I do think I can use my social media accounts as assets as well. I plan on having a twitter account that I share with students and parents, and even administration that allows me to communicate different things from my class. I will keep it professional and make sure that it is strictly business. Also, I plan on having a “teacher” facebook page that I can communicate with my students on. This can keep me connected to them outside of the classroom, and allow them to seek assistance even when I am not around in person! Lastly, I plan on having a class blog that I can post student assignments on as well as share student work (with their permission). I think all of these things not only can be a professional asset, but can become assets to my students and help them become even more successful in my class!

Blog Post #9 Reading and Writing Online

My trajectory path for my final assignment for a course that I am taking this semester is probably not as conventional as my instructor might expect. We are to choose a book, read it, do the required discussion posts discussing the book, and then write a paper discussing some aspect of the book. I started off right! I chose a book…but did not read it. The first discussion post was to be a summary of the plot and characters and a brief biography of the author. I looked at supplemental materials online such as spark notes and grade-saver as well as Wikipedia, before I constructed MY OWN summary of the book. I planned on reading the book after that post, but things did not go as planned. I read a few pages before getting occupied by other things. The next post was to be about the books setting, theme, and tone. Since I had read so much ABOUT the book, I was able to construct a very well put together post using the information i gained from the supplemental materials. Finally, our last post is to be on the books importance to the course. I don’t really plan on reading the book now because I feel I have enough information about it to connect it to the other works we’ve read in the class. However, I may have to go and make sure I read the book to do the paper…we shall see. I SWEAR I’M NOT AN AWFUL PERSON!

Blog Post # Transmedia Franchise…THE MATRIX!

One of the largest examples of a transmedia franchise is The Matrix. Now most people are only familiar with the three movies. That just begins the large transmedia franchise that is The Matrix. Did you know that there is also a series of anime cartoons (Animatrix)? Did you know there are The Matrix video games? What about the comic book series? There are graphic novels that carry the story of The Matrix as well. There are even T-shirts for young and old which represent The Matrix! When i looked into this, I felt that it was never going to end…like The Matrix!


The franchise has a ton of spreadability, because as you watch just one movie, you are now interested in finding out more of the story. The drillability is there as well. Like myself, I played the video game first. Thought it was awesome, and found out there was a movie! Because it is fiction, the continuity is there. Though I don’t feel there is a lot of immersion available here, the extractability is obvious! You can by fan gear online and in comic book stores. The Matrix has alos broken up the story into different chunks which are spread across all the different mediums.  The Matrix is clearly a transmedia franchise and is possibly one of the largest and most popular!

Community/Dark Knight Remix Mash-Up Trailer

This is a video where someone took the concepts and audio from the Batman: Dark Knight Rises Trailer, and added video clips from NBC’s comedy Community to promote Season 3. It was a great example of remix because the clips and audio are synched together so well that it seems like it could be real. I do not think it crosses the line because the author makes sure to give all the credit to both Batman and Community and in no way claims anything in the video.

This video is also tranformative, as it uses the audio from the Batman trailor in such a completely different way. If you are familiar with the Community, you would understand the pairing of certain voices with certain characters. Even though it is a promotion(by a party not associated with THE Community) it is also a parody, as it splices together different scenes and audio that could be seen as making fun of either Batman or The Community.

I believe this is also fair use, because the poster gave credit to the original Batman Trailer and director, as well as the producer of The Community tv show. The creator of the remix took no credit for this video, and even gave credit to an another video that they watched which they got the idea from.