Computer Books For Kids

This assignment asked users to take a popular children’s book and recast it as a children’s computer book. I decided to use a book by Dr. Seuss because I was certain most people would be familiar with it. I also think that people would consider an Ipad a very important device. I used PowerPoint to make my post. I inserted the book cover as an image and used a text box to cover the word Christmas. I saved the slide as a JPEG File. Link to assignment:


One thought on “Computer Books For Kids

  1. Didn’t make it over to the ds106 site. You may have added the tags after you posted it. You can manually add it to the ds106 site. Look for “add your example directly” on the assignment page. Then, be sure to link to your individual blog post and not the entire class blog. Also, your link to the assignment page is not live.

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