ds106 Tutorial Assignment

ds106 Tutorial Assignment

Chelsea Bond

Historical Selfies

For this assignment, I chose to complete a tutorial for the Historical Selfies assignment from ds106.

First, I chose my historical figure. I chose Rosa Parks and the day in 1955 when she was asked to give up her seat on the bus.

To capture this moment, I downloaded the selfie photoshop template here.

It looks like this:


First, I decided to use Paint as the program that I would complete the photoshop in.

To use Paint, you have to understand how it works.

First, I clicked File, Open, and chose the selfie template which I downloaded from the website.

Then I found an image of Rosa Parks on Google Images:


Next, I copied and pasted the image of Rosa Parks from Google Images on top of the selfie template, like this:


Then, I chose the Crop tool to resize the image of Rosa Parks to fit the selfie template.

Once I finished, I saved my work as a jpeg image and the final product looks like this:


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