Ds106 Tutorial

The assignment asks to choose a character from a film, show, or book of our choosing, and write a script where that character raises awareness for a particular cancer. This is a tutorial on how to complete this assignment.

Step One: Choose a character. My chosen character was Bane from the most recent Batman series.

Step Two: For the remix assignment, pick a cancer cause. With his voice being the way it is, I thought it only right to go with throat cancer.

Step Three: Create a dialogue using your character, where your character explains why he/she is advocating for this particular cause, and engages the audience who he/she hopes to motivate to support this cause. Remember to include breaks as if the characters have to act it out. It is not like a book where breaths are assumed. Deep breaths need to be written in, longing looks need to be scripted; all motion that needs to happen in order to make this scene realistic, needs to be written in.

Keep in mind that I am not a master script writer, but here is an example provided below.

[Enter Bane]
Bane: Ladies and gentleman! This…
[audience jeers in excitement]
Bane: This voice … is not for show. In fact, I am going to share something with you all today. Today, I share with you the real story of how I got this mask.
[enter Talia]
[audience jeers in excitement again]
Talia: Bane…. [Talia pauses and touches the mask before turning back towards the audience] He was my saviour. I climed out of that dreadful hole and looked down while they beat on him until his face was almost unrecognizable.
Bane: Indeed. I no longer have a nose I can properly breath out of.
[both Bane and Talia pause]
Bane: But that is not why I wear this mask. That is not why I talk this way.
Talia: No, it’s not.
[Talia looks ashamed]
Talia: The doctor was able to wrap his face up and get him stable enough to live. I asked my father to come back for him but when he saw Bane’s face he could not stand the sight of him. For years I did not see my rescuer. My father told me he was dead, and likewise, told him that I was dead. But I was not.
Bane: It was not your fault darling.
[Talia looks lovingly at Bane and smiles]
Bane: I took to the only vice I thought I had left. For the next few years I smoked almost a pack a day. I thought, what else could happen to me?
Talia: Yes but then I came back. When the Batman killed my father I realized that his legacy, had not been fulfilled. I realized that the league of shadows needed a new leader and, naturally, I was next in line. And I took my place. That’s when Bane found me.
Bane: I did not like your father for what he did but I have always been a loyal person.
Talia: But by then it was too late.
Bane: I smoked so much that in just three years I developed throat cancer. On top of having half of the breathing power in my nose, I also had to get a hole cut in my throat and a device placed there that helps me breath and talk. You all value this voice but I loathe it.
[Talia to audience]: He used to have such a charming voice. He had an innocent face. And now….
[Talia looks at Bane guiltily]
Bane: And now I must wear this mask for the rest of my life or suffer a rather painful death.
Talia: People like the Batman and all his supporters may not understand why it is we do what we do but it is what is necessary. We weren’t all born with a silver spoon in our mouths.
Bane: No we weren’t, and that is why we are here today!
[Bane becomes increasingly more excitable]
Bane: To stop you from becoming like me!
Talia: We will give you all masks that will morph your voice into the perfect Bane voice but we need your help. This mask on his face is not cheap and we don’t want anyone else to have to suffer as he did. Help us raise enough money to raise awareness.
Bane: Masks will be fifty dollars each, and every penny earned, will go toward medical supplies for those who can’t afford it – and to anti tobacco ads to stop people from needing those supplies. Who’s ready to rid the world of cancer!
[Audience jeers]

[End of scene]

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