What They Might Have Done In Social Media

I am providing a tutorial for this assignment:  ds106 Tutorial

Step 1:

In the assignment description, there is a link to the right side titled Twister Tool.  Click on it!

Twister tutorial 4


Step 2:

That link will open the Twister Tool link.  Here is where you will fill out the information for the person you chose to highlight

Twister tutorial 1

Step 3:

I went to google.com to find famous quotes

Twister tutorial 2

Once I found the quote, I entered it in the box on the Twister Tool

Twister tutorial 3

Step 4:

Once all information is entered into the box…hit submit!  The final outcome will be a picture of your person and his/her quote imbeded in the picture…Here is what it should look like.

Bill Cosby


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