ds106 Tutorial Assignment

ds105 Tutorial Assignment

Historical Selfies

In this assignment, I chose “Historical Selfies” from the list of Visual Assignments.

First, I decided which program I could easily access to complete this assignment most efficiently, and 

I chose Paint.

Once I chose to use Paint, I downloaded two pictures:

This blank selfie template was downloaded from the ds106 website:



Next, I chose my historical event. I decided to find an image representative of Rosa Parks and her movement for civil rights in 1955, when she refused to give up her seat on the bus. 

I searched her name on Google Images, and found this picture:



Next, I created a new file in Paint and opened the image of the selfie template.

Then, I pasted the Google Image of Rosa Parks on top of the blank selfie template.

I used the crop button to re-size the dimensions of the Google Image to fit inside the selfie template.

After that, I erased the “likes” and “screename” and replaced it with this text:

“4,000,000,000 likes” and “rosaparks1955” and “#civilrights” and “#freedomofspeech”



Finally, I saved the picture as a jpeg:



Then, after it saved, I had my finished project!


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