What is in a Name.

What is in a Name.

Okay so I have always been told that there are not many people named Olivia, which is true until around 1999 when every other person was naming their child, no matter the sex(just kidding) Olivia. However my name is not inspired by Olivia Newton John, Grease the movie, but from my great-great- grandmother on my fathers side. I love this fact because my twin sister Eulaliah is the great great grandmother on my moms side and we both take after those families. Which probably explains why we are complete opposites. But if you look up my name on urban dictionary you can see that everyone says Olivia’s are “A beautiful wonderful hearted girl.
Wonderful to talk to . Always there for someone, great person. Absolutely FUN.” so I guess that means I’m a fun-great-listener. Which surprisingly I am. If you go to baby names.com though my name means Elf Army, which I find hilarious because it reminded me of Lord of the Rings. Since Liv Tyler is an elf, I guess another random connection is made! So in the end I have decided that my name means I’m caring, strong as an army, and very fun, but I’ll stick with the fact that I have a very distant relative, Olivia, who was know for being a beautiful southern socialite and a great mother.

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