Supercut It



The instructions for this assignment were to create a montage of an overused or widely recognised trope or movie theme. Initially, I had wanted to do “love at first sight” and create a video montage of that one scene where one person looks at another one and they stare at each other quietly for a second before getting all awakward. However, I did not have internet access for the past week, and so I had to get crafty with what I already had instead, since I had no way of aquiring any examples of the aformentioned scene.

Instead I decided to do something with Disney movies, since I have a lot of them already on my computer. At first I had simply wanted to transfer my “true love” idea onto the disney movies, since that is a recurring theme, but I decided that I’d be wasting movies, since not all animated Disney movies are about love, or even people. Instead, I decided to focus on the villain, since every Disney movie has some kind of bad guy.

I decided to make a collage of the “Villain Song”, something that has been present in nearly every animated movie Disney has put out since Beauty and the Beast. While there were “evil” songs I could have included, I really wanted to focus on movies where the bad guy actually sang and/or danced, as opposed to just a sad or creepy song. I included Elsa because she is, in my opinion, the closest thing Frozen has to a villain. She causes every problem in the film and literally shoots a shard of ice into her sister’s heart.

Also, the reason Beauty and the Beast is on here twice is because while I thought that the first clip I used was much more poignant and striking, I couldn’t pass up Gaston’s use of “screw your courage to the sticking place” in an assignment for an English class.

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