Monologue of a Household Tool Assignment

The Fridge's Perspective

ds106 Assignment #1

This assignment was easy, all I did was write a monologue of what a refrigerator would say.

Monologue of a Household Tool

I see it everyday. The face of indecision, question, and desperado. What should it be today? What do we have here? It’s always the same questions. They just use me, rip me open, and take what they want. Then, they thrust my own body against myself, and they leave. Sometimes I feel so empty inside. Yet, they can fulfill me to the point where I am overflowing. I don’t know how to handle it sometimes. It’s mostly the kids, and the husband that just take, take, take. The mother is always a giver. She is like me, she gives and gives until she can restock again. I can’t help but remain cold and frigid most of the time, that is just how I am. But when I am filled up full of fresh groceries and I see the hungry children reach in for something, I remember that giving, does eventually, mean receiving.

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