Picturing Prufrock Tutorial

This is a tutorial on how to do the Picturing Prufrock project. It is fairly easy and you do not have to paint a picture as I have. But I am going to document my steps of painting my visual. 

Step one gather supplies (dog support optional) : If you are looking for cheap watercolors there are usually really decently priced starter kits at Michaels. 



Step two pick your line: I recommend reading the poem a few times until you find yourself stopping at a line that strikes you in a way. I was a fan of this poem before so I knew what lines I enjoyed this made it easier. Out of my favorites I ended up picking the one I thought would be easiest to create a visual.


Step three sketch your visual: You should first brainstorm a little and consider the correlation between images and words. Think about what is going to adequately show the lines and sometimes the theme of the poem. I went with the tea pot and tea cup for obvious reasons. I chose frivolous decorations and bright colors to further assist the theme of trivialness that permeates the poem. I added the pocket watch as homage to the theme of time and turning back time in the poem. 


Step four color it in: Once you have made a tentative drawing it is time to begin painting and adding color. Then you have a finished project that will hopefully complete the project but also make you super proud! 


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