What Color Is Your World?



I chose to do the What Color Is Your World assignment for my last project. For this assignment, you are to pick a color that you see throughout your world each day, and capture photos of things of that particular color. Then, you are to choose a song that is relevant to the color that you chose and make a short clip featuring your pictures and your song of choice. I chose to focus on the color yellow and chose to use the song Yellow by Coldplay as the background song for my clip. I took pictures of yellow things I saw over the course of about three days. I took the photos on my phone and emailed them to myself to upload to my computer. I created my clip using a web-based video maker called WeVideo. I simply uploaded the song Yellow, and attached my pictures to the song clip. This was a fun assignment to work on, because it made me very aware of what I was seeing moment to moment. Things I might normally have skimmed right over, I was instead seeking out. It was a neat process of learning to be aware of my surroundings, and finding joy in some of the smaller moments of my day.

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