What’s In A Name?

As I look online I search my name Mariah. In the urban dictionary Mariah means the prettiest girl in school, but on ask.com Mariah means a sea of bitterness. My mother told me the reasoning behind the name Mariah is simply the wind. I guess some old folk song lyrics were ” they called the wind Mariah”! I find that very interesting. I am pretty and very bitter, so they hit the nail right on the head with that explanation. On babynamewizard.com, the website clearly states Mariah is the name of a girl who is strong and who is a great friend! They also say Mariah is the historical content of being the star of the sea. So I guess Mariah is a pretty bitter girl, who moves like wind like and who is strong with great intentions in being a great friend! yup, that sums me up pretty much !


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