Bad Helvetica Picture

The instructions for this assignment were pretty straightforward. “That’s it. Pick A Bad Photo, Apply A Vintage Effect And Write Something In Helvetica”. That’s verbatim.

I started out with picking my picture. The whole “Bad Photo” thing is incredibly subjective. After thumbing through some pictures I took of a nearly empty trail mix bag, I wasn’t loving its appearance on film. I eventually scrapped the whole idea and went with a picture of me in High School instead (don’t worry, it’s still bad). Then I used this online photo editor by the name of BeFunky. I uploaded my photo from the desktop, then sat, indecisive, staring at the vintage filters until finally making a commitment to “Vintage Filter 1”, and then I added some text, Helvetica of course.


That’s me, in Español class.

Bad Helvetica Picture (On DS106)

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