TV Guide Remix- Caitlyn Keller 02

This assignment was to take an existing movie and write a synopsis in a way that is completely factual but misleading.

Rated R- Rebellious teenager cheats on fiancé with young man who is known to associate with prostitutes. After breaking and entering into an automobile the two become part of a disaster. The rebellious teenager stupidly gives up her assured safety to go after the boy who has been arrested. It must be noted that her spot could have been given to someone else had she said something sooner, but instead she leaves safety without leaving time for someone else to be saved. In the end the rebellious teenager once again selfishly saves her self while letting the boy freeze to death. Despite saying she will never let go, she lets go soon after in order to get back in a spot of safety that she previously gave up. In the end the rebellious teenager grew up to be an extremely wasteful old lady. – Titanic

One thought on “TV Guide Remix- Caitlyn Keller 02

  1. Looks like you have a spelling error in one of your tags which prevented this from making it over to ds106. You’ll have to delete this post and repost OR manually add it over at the assignment page.

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