DS106 Assignment #1.

The assignment says to pick a historically significant event and write a journal entry as if I traveled back in time and took place in it.

Dear Journal;

Today has been a very long day. What with the North attacking the South. If only they knew how lovely us women of the south really were, they wouldn’t waste their time burning down my father’s plantation in little ole’ Atlanta! Well, we have only heard rumors that the troops have decided to come into our town. Hopefully they wont because I fear I will have to abandon the plantation and that will send mother into a tizzy. The surrounding towns have been buzzing about how the troops have cut off their supplies and that the trains haven’t left in days. My brothers have left to join the Confederacy and they told us women folk to stay behind because we needed to keep the houses up and running. Before they left I overheard my father telling my brothers all about the Union, I couldn’t hear everything but I feel as though our family is going to break between the different states because uncle has been named a union sympathizer. I miss him but I am told we are not allowed to speak until this is resolved and we are allowed to keep our plantation. Well I cant wait until all of the men come back to town, it is so hard to find a husband when no one is here to court me.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better, good night journal.

2 thoughts on “DS106 Assignment #1.

  1. Missing the tags and link to the original assignment on this one. I’m only giving full credit if all the ingredients are included. You can learn to do this; your future students need you to know how to do this.

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