Caitlyn Keller DS106 assignment one

So the first assignment I chose was to pick the top five songs or albums that have had the most influence in my life so far and to discuss them a little. Basically, explain why is it on my list. If you click on the titles of the songs you will be taken to youtube videos of the songs in case you have not heard some of them. I am sure most people have not heard the last one.


  1. Let It Be- The Beatles. This one was a no brainer, those that know me know I love this album so much it’s title it tattooed onto my back. When I was 12 I was diagnosed with a very painful joint disorder. I spiraled into a depression. My uncle at this time bought me a record player, my first, and one record. Let It Be was played on repeat for days on end. Anytime I was upset I could just lay back and listen to it and it is like everything in the world just melted away. It is still my go to happy song. It reminds me that brighter days are always on the horizon.
  2. Wake Up Little Suzie- The Everly Brothers. I spent a lot of my childhood with my grandparents. My grandmother always sang me awake to this song. So much of her life in the 50’s and 60’s rubbed off on me. I know I had to be one of the only kids my age that knew every Everly Brother song by heart.
  3. Don’t Let the Green Grass Fool You- Wilson Pickett. I come from a long line of musicians. My mother met my father when he was singing this song and playing his guitar outside of my grandfather’s music store. It was love at first note. The catchy beach music song was an essential part of most memories I have of my parents. From my dad humming it as they danced across the kitchen to the whole family belting it on car trips. Every time I hear it I am reminded of the love my parents have for each other.
  4. If It Means  A Lot to You– A Day To Remember. When I was in high school I worked at a local coffee shop. On the weekdays I was a barista but on the weekends my best friends Allen and I would sing for tips. This was always our closing song. It was one of our best and always our favorite. There is just something about this song that always makes me feel like I am back at home. If I get homesick I use it as a way to close the distance and put me back in that place. It never fails to bring a smile to my face and it usually reminds me to call Allen and see what he is up to.
  5. Lion Tamer– Stephen Schwartz The Magic Show. Most of the songs on my list have a lot to do with my memory tied to a single person. But this one is just for me. I have an intense love for musical theater. It brought me out of my shell in high school. But this song speaks to me on a really deep emotional level. For a long time I felt inadequate. I felt like I had to strive to be something fanciful to be special and I realized that I was special just being me. I realized I was happy with who I am. But this song explained those feelings so well that I couldn’t not put it on this list. It will always be a favorite.

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