C.K. Williams

I completed the over-dramatic reading assignment for the audio category. I chose C.K. Williams’s poem “The Method” for my reading. This poem is highly analytic, academic, and discursive.  On the page it reads more like a dry pseudo-philosophical discourse than a poem. For my reading I tried to alter the meaning by adding inflection and emotion to the reading.  It was a  strange almost subversive feeling to perform a humorous reading.  I don’t know if Williams would laugh or not, but maybe it would be good for him if he did.  Unfortunately, the reading completely altered the meaning of the poem for me. At first, I was extremely taken by this poem and now it seems really esoteric and self-indulgent.

2 thoughts on “C.K. Williams

  1. Looks like you didn’t get the tags exactly correct. They have to be exact or they won’t work — no transfer to the ds106 site. Delete and repost OR manually add it over at the assignment page.

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