Transmedia Franchise – Marvel Superheroes

Spreadability vs. Drillability
When it comes to Marvel, there are plenty of ways to share the information. First off there are comics, which offer a huge array of stories through their various continuities. There are also animated shows, movies, and live action films that a person can also view in order to not only see different takes on the comics but to see completely new stories as well.

Continuity vs. Multiplicity

As I just mentioned, Marvel superheroes are not apart of a single continuity. There are several different universes in which these characters live, giving the opportunity for different heroes to interact with each other without the issue of ruining either hero’s continuity.

Immersion vs. Extractability

Islands of Adventure at Universal Studios is a theme park dedicated entirely to several of the Marvel heroes, with attractions for some of the iconic characters such as the Incredible Hulk and Superman. There are also gift shops where people can bring home their favorite hero’s memorabilia.


Marvel Studios has spent the last few years building their phase 1 of their cinematic universe, beginning with Iron Man back and culminating in The Avengers which ended up smashing several box office records and became the fastest film to $1 billion.


While the comics and movies both deal with the same character, they use both mediums to tell different stories that branch off from the same origin story.


An example of subjectivity could be shown through the Hulk. The Incredible Hulk was a standalone movie that starred Edward Norton, but since he decided to not be apart of the Avengers they had to retell Bruce Banner’s story with Mark Rufalo instead.


Performance within the Marvel universe has continued to grow. From cosplay to various parodies, fans are able to create original content whether the original creators intended for this to happen or not.

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