Transmedia Franchise

GAME OF THRONES as a Transmedia Franchise



Spreadability vs Drillability:

Game of Thrones has a more drillable narrative. The books are much differnt from the movies, and there exists a lot of fan fiction. So, there is an opportunity for fans to get very deep in the narrative of the universe. There is also a Dungeons and Dragons like role-playing guide set in the Game of Thrones world which allows for almost endless narrative possibilities.


Continuity vs Mulitplicity:

It depends on how deep you go into this narrative. You can have continuity if you choose to attach to only the book narrative or only the show narrative, but you can have multiplicity if you choose to attach to both, and especially if you choose to get into the role-playing universe.

Immersion vs Extractability:

There is much more extractabilty for the Game of Thrones narrative. There is a plethora of Game of Thrones merchandise that one can purchase, like these:

got1 got2 got3


However, DragonCon and other conventions can provide some immersion by being surrounded by many people with the same passion for Game of Thrones. It could also me said that one could me metaphorically immersed in the role playing universe that one can create with the role playing guide.


There are many fan-fiction sights for the Game of Thrones world, like this one:

Through these sights, fans can create and extend the Game of Thrones world. There are also Game of Throne video games on Steam where players can manipulate the plot line based on the choices their character makes.


The Game of Thrones narrative is currently broken up into five books, and three television seasons, each consisting of different episodes.




The books chapters are broken down by different characters. While the characters themselves do not narrate, we are able to see how each character is reacting to the same things that are going on in the universe.


The internet offers so many opportunities for fans to participate in this transmedia franchise. While none of these have been invited by the creator, it doesn’t keep fans from participating. Perhaps the most popular fan performance is the “Game of Thrones 90s Version” fan trailer:

There is also Game of Thrones as a Sienfield Sitcom:



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